Hey there! My (online) name is Makaia "Miss Merry Mak" Seirika, and I'm an avid LOTRO player on the Gladden server. I've been playing LOTRO since October 2012. I played consistently until autumn 2014, took a break, and started playing daily in March 2016.

My main character is a level cap elf guardian (thus "Little Elf Guardian"), and as of late I've started tanking (and thoroughly enjoying) raiding and end-game grouping.

I have a level 105 captain by the name of Somain Seikkailu, who I primarily play as a support captain. I also play two minstrels, Erchelm Marton and Caletta Greenflower, and a hunter, Carneki Alberk.

"Personal" twitter
Cosmetics twitter
LOTRO cosmetics blog

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