The Mead Hall at 1 Swan Lane

Rohan is, has, and always will be my favorite region in LOTRO. It doesn't matter what area I'm in, whether it is the Norcrofts, Kingstead, or the Stonedeans, I love it all. There is such a magic to a region filled with open fields, farms, and endless herds of wild horses. 

The odd thing is, I spent the longest amount of time in Rohan on Makaia when I was leveling her. I tend to get very bored, very quickly of regions that I have to spend lots of time in (think Moria) but somehow Rohan only captured my attention and love more the longer I spent there. 

I had slowly leveled Makaia from Bree-land to the Great River, and when I hit the Wold, the joy I got out of LOTRO had disappeared. I had painfully leveled through Moria and Mirkwood with no quest packs, and Isengard had been exhausting. And before I knew it, I hadn't logged in game for over six months. 

Somehow, some way, I rediscovered my love for the game. I purchased the Quad Expansion Pack (even though I was already leveled past Moria and Isengard, and didn't have any other alts near the level of those regions) and headed into Rohan with a vengeance. 

In late 2016, I decided to use some saved up Mithril Coins and purchase a premium home in the Cape of Belfalas housing neighborhoods. While I'm not the biggest fan of the Gondor style homes, I loved the huge yards, the seemingly endless amount of housing hooks, and the view of the sea. 

Then came the update to the housing system. The hooks were now customizable and with this update came an inspiration for me to create something I'd always wanted: my very own Rohirric style dining room.

Welcome to The Mead Hall at 1 Swan Lane 


  1. Ohh, you have the breakfast table! Looking good. I'm still rooting for Rohan housing to be added some day. The Rohirric decorations are my favourite in the game and my captain (who is from Rohan) would love her own place. I also enjoy the wood textures a lot more than those old stone textures of the Gondor houses.


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