Makaia's guide to (successfully!) running Silent Street

Info compiled from my own knowledge of the instance, with numbers taken from DadisLOTROguide and Lotro-wiki. 

(to Fellowship): but then Rat-man is mad at Cat-man bc Cat-man’s cat killed Rat-man’s rats

The first and most important rule of Silent Street: Do not melee kill the lights/Dinen-lights. Ranged DPS only. 
Stay single target DPS to avoid pulling the lights, thus avoiding the fear debuff. AOEs= really not a good idea. Avoid the area where the lights are killed for ten (10) seconds. 

Either Boromir or Telemnar will be found on the right hand (east) side of the Silent Street. Tarannon Falastur or Atanatar II can be found to the left hand (west) side. Order that the sides are taken care of (left or right) does not matter at all. 

On both left and right side, there are plenty of mobs to take care of before going for bosses. None of the debuffs that the mobs possess are terrible, just use interrupt skills, corruption removals, and range DPS lights, and everything will run smoothly. 

Optimal 6-man setups: 
Guardian or warden (tank)
Minstrel (healer – primary)
Lore-master (debuffs & DPS)
Rune-keeper, lore-master, or captain (buffs/DPS/off-heals)
Hunter, champion, or rune-keeper (DPS)

Lintanar (race of man, Withered Tree) – first boss 

Tank focus on boss, rest take care of adds. Focus for all but tank is doom-speakers. They’re big ‘ole meanies, that have a nasty damage over time called Puncture. 

As a tank, I typically take care of Lintanar by running up on the platform and facing out towards the gate. Every time adds are up, I leave the platform, use a few AOE taunts to grab adds, and bring them back up to the platform. 

Initial adds > boss > adds 1 > boss > adds 2 > boss > adds 3 > boss > adds 4  > boss

85% morale – left (west) door
70% morale – right (east) door
50% morale – right (east) door
30% morale – left (west) door

Dínen-lights (dread lights/Limrafn)

The reason to ALWAYS avoid the Dínen-lights is the debuff called Feared. 
Cannot play skills and runs slower. Suffering attacks will end this state. Damage from pre-existing effects has only a very small chance to end this state.

“You turn approximately 15 degrees to the left and start running in a straight line for 4 seconds or until you are hit [with damage]. Since you know when this is coming (after dread-lights debuff), you can position yourself to ensure you will run into a wall, instead of a group of adds.”

The simplest way to take care of the Dinen-lights is to have ranged DPS (yay hunter!) take care of them. As stated before, don’t stand where Diene-lights are killed for ten seconds. 

Boromir (the dead, wight) or Telemnar (the dead, wight) – second boss 

Option #1 for second boss: Boromir 

Morgul-blight: Deals 5% morale damage every 3 seconds.  
The best way to work around this buff is simply for everyone to keep their eyes peeled to see who the debuff was placed on, and act accordingly. 
Bite of the Morgul-blade: Deals 300% morale damage over 90 seconds. 
This debuff is even more important to keep your eyes peeled for. This one, if not caught, kills whomever has it very quickly. The best way to work around this buff is simply for everyone to keep their eyes peeled to see who the debuff was placed on, and act accordingly. 
Coward’s Fate 4: -40% target run speed, reduces out-going damage by 20%
This is a simpler debuff. Really not that big of a deal to have.

“Tank and spank” is the motto for defeating Boromir. While there are adds, the most important part is letting the tank do their job: tanking the boss. While overall this is a fairly easy fight, communication is key. Whoever has the bite needs to inform the healer so they can be kept alive. Yay, talking! 

Option #2 for second boss: Telemnar 
This is my dude, the Rat-man. 

Malaise: -50% run speed
This debuff is the result of not removing the Aura of Malaise. Simply use corruption removals to take care of this debuff.
Spreading Plague: 12,789 common damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. After expiration: the same damage is applied to fellowship within 7 meters. 
You must use disease removals to get rid of this. If not, the following happens (bad) :)
Dark Plague (puddle): deals 10% morale damage every 2 seconds.

Literally everyone on the boss for this fight, ignore the rats. 

Out of all the bosses you might encounter in the second phase of this instance, I find Telemnar to be the easiest. Why? Because as long as everyone is paying attention as they should (not standing in green puddles and using disease removals), this fight is basically guaranteed to go smoothly. 

Tarannon Falastur (the dead, wight) or Atanatar II (the dead, wight) – third boss

Option #1 for third boss: Tarannon Falastur 
This is my dude, the Cat-man. 

Drowning: 3,601 shadow damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. 
Upon expiration, it applies a 3s stun.
Silenced: Resistance: fear (106) 

Might of the Ship-king: +50% melee damage, +50% ranged damage, +50% tactical damage
This is a corruption. Simply use corruption removal skills to take care of this.
Watchful Eyes (from spying cats): On any damage: reflect 50% of damage
If you notice Watchful Eyes, little to no damage is recommended, thus avoiding the reflected damage. 

Taking care of the Spying Cats first will lower the chance of having the Watchful Eyes debuff. In light of that, have the tank stay on the boss and everyone else take care of the cats when they spawn. 

Option #2 for third boss: Atanatar II 

Become as Stone (tier 4): -80% run speed
Stacking debuff that starts at 20% and can stack up to 80%. Not too bad, but Become as Stone damage is what to watch for.
Become as Stone: Subtracts 100% of maximum morale to fellowship within 5m. 
If everyone is standing on top of one another, this is a NASTY debuff. The best way to avoid this is for everyone to spread out and stay at least 5m away from the tank and do ranged damage. 

Remove corruptions, spread out, and tank and spank. Make sure to call out Become as Stone debuff if seen. 

While this this is not recommended, I feel like I must mention that in a recent run of SS, two of our group got locked out behind the mist wall during the Atanatar fight. The captain took adds, I (guardian) had the boss, and we killed him without any deaths of our own. But don’t ever lock people out. It was my fault for starting the fight without a ready check ;) 

Gloom-spirits – pre-final boss 

Take care of the Gloom-spirits in controlled pulls. The reason for this is the Absorbed Gloom (stackable after the death of another Gloom-spirit). 

Absorbed Gloom: Health increased by 10%. +10% melee damage, +10% ranged damage, +10% tactical damage. 
Say if you pull three spirits at once: once the first spirit is killed, the absorbed gloom buff will be applied to the other two spirits. That is the reason for pulling as few as possible at a time. 

Twisted Defense (works against the spirits): +50% incoming ranged damage, +50% incoming tactical damage OR +50% incoming melee damage. 
These aid the players, not the spirits. 
Chilled Heart: -30% morale
This changes your maximum morale amount: if you have 25k health normally, your health will go down to 17.5k instead. 

During the fight with the Gloom-spirits, if you die: RETREAT. The spawn location is where you enter the final courtyard, you don’t get locked out, so you can continue in the fight without having to take your healers away from healing. 

In my experience, gloom-spirits are best taken care of in this way: Use a single target taunt, while still down the stairs, to pull two at a time. If you get ranged spirits, pull their aggro (as a guardian, via Fray the Edge) but let hunter, rune-keeper, etc, take care of them.

You will be force to take five gloom-spirits directly before the final boss, but nothing can be done about the number of spirits pulled. You pull one, you pull them all. 

The Gloom of Nurn – final/main boss

Kill priority for T1/T2:
Gloom of Nurn (until 3.52mil) > Gloom-spirit > Gloom of Nurn (until 2.7mil) > Mardil Voronwë > Gloom-spirit > Gloom of Nurn. Do not kill dínen-lights.

Kill priority for T2C:
Gloom of Nurn (until 3.52mil) > Gloom-spirit > Gloom of Nurn (until 2.7mil) > Lock down Gloom-spirit > Mardil Voronwë > Eärnil II > Gloom-spirit > Gloom of Nurn 
Do not kill dínen-lights.

Bathed in Shadow: at 35% health (1,511,474): -95% incoming damage, +10% run speed 
This buff is stackable. 

Coward’s Fate (tiered): -40% target run speed, reduces out-going damage by 20% 
The above stats are at tier 4. It starts at -10% target run speed, reduces outgoing damage by 5%. 


Here’s the rundown: 
Start the fight at the top left corner. Up the stairs, into the little cubby on the left. 
Tank interrupts the Gloom of Nurn’s introduction, then pull the boss up the stairs. 
Work your way down the stairs as needed.
Don’t stand in puddles. Puddles = death

If you have an off tank let them grab the add bosses (Mardil and Earnil), if not, tank needs to grab all three. Designate one ranged DPSer to take care of the Dinen-lights. 

Move, move, move! Never stand in puddles, and try to not wall yourself in via puddles.