When I first started this blog back in 2014, I was still playing LOTRO at least five days a week, and slowly but surely work my toonaholic self up to level cap. But then I moved to a different state, my in-game friends stopped playing, and before I knew it, I hadn't logged in on Makaia in over six months.

Then, earlier this year (as in March or May... I honestly can't remember?), I decided to give LOTRO another try. I actually spent money on LOTRO for the first time (the Quad expansion pack was on sale), and suddenly I was sucked back into the game and why I loved it.

The server consolidation had make Gladden busier than ever, and the kinship I am apart of is more active than I've ever seen it.

It took me three and a half years to reach level 78, and then in August I hit level cap thanks to fellow kinmembers.

So, here is my plan (or idea) for this blog:

I have sincerely fallen in love with raiding in the past few months. It started when I hit level 105 and began running featured instances with my kinship. Before I knew it, I was running classic and new instances alike, and loving the planning and thought they require to successfully finish. I hope to be able to post not only recaps and my thoughts on instances and raids, but also guides if I'm able to compile them.

Despite my lack of posting over on Style of Middle-earth in the past year, I still love cosmetics and the LOTRO cosmetic system. I still love putting together outfits for each of my characters, and occasionally I'd love to share my creations via this platform.

One of my favorite things about my kinship is how open they are to try new things and just simply explore. Last month, I reported to kin chat that I had found a roving threat, and before I knew it we had taken the roving threat down. For the next three hours we proceeded to hunt for roving threats and also wiped three maps of warbands. I am hoping to be able to share photos, and possibly videos if interest is shown, of those adventures and random explorations.

I look forward to posting on these three subjects, and whatever else the heck I feel like posting, via this platform.