The last two weekends I journeyed into the perilous realm known as LoTRO beta testing. The new zone, the Dead Marshes, was the content being tested, but I was a very bad girl and only went into the Dead Marshes for a mere five minutes due to my never ending love of making new characters, auto-leveling them, and spending thousands of turbine points on beta.

Ellaine, the race of man captain.

Ebonie, the hobbit warden
 Point one, which contains making new characters, states that "making new characters is an obsession of [Makaia's] during beta testing. [She] enjoys designing, autoleveling, and making cosmetic outfits for each."
Makaia, the elf guardian

Meatloaf, the dwarf hunter
Auto-leveling and auto-ranking are overly obsessed obsessions. When you can journey into the Ettenmoors at rank 15 without that character ever placing a foot in the Ettenmoors before, that is truly an accomplishment.

All in all, this second round of beta that I have ever taken a part in has been loads of fun. I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time (though no bugs were submitted this time), and whenever the next round of beta testing is, let's go!


  1. I agree that betas can be a pretty fun time, beyond the work of looking for bugs and all that good business. As for LOTRO, the end of the expansion betas are when all the devs get to have a bit of fun with us, whether it be summoning large packs of denizens upon Bree, or creating a set of stairs to the heavens (my personal favorite of these events).

    However, I think over-playing betas can be a bit of a problem for the player. For example, I went pretty hard on play-testing through East Rohan during beta. As such, it made my first live playthrough not as special of an experience. Fortunately, I have since adjusted my LOTRO beta experiences to much smaller chunks, and has worked much better to avoid too much spoiling.

    I can't say I've really made cosmetic outfits for beta, unless I felt like splurging for a piece or two from the Store with the free TPs, for the heck of it. That's dedication!

    1. The Helm's Deep end of beta party looked like so much fun, and after watching some of those videos (thanks, Andang!) I'm sad I missed the fun of Helm's Deep beta, for example.

      As I actually don't have many quest packs or turbine points to spend on live, I actually like to use beta to get a taste of what each zone/region is like. I enjoy trying some of the quests out, as I probably won't be getting them on live.

      As for the cosmetics, being a cosmetic junkie and blogger, I really like to take advantage of all the skirmish/raid marks and medallions, and the Mithril coins to create outfits that I usually wouldn't be able to afford/acquire the pieces on live! :)


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